All Of BTS's Outfits In 'Goal of the Century × BTS | Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.)' Official Music Video & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Of BTS's Outfits In 'Goal of the Century × BTS | Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.)' Official Music Video & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All photos credits to: HyundaiWorldwude via YouTube. 


Hyundai and BTS are pleased to present the official song for the "Goal of the Century" campaign, "Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver. )," in honor of the FIFA World Cup 2022





The 2022 Fifa World Cup collaboration song between South Korean supergroup BTS and Hyundai Motor Company has officially been released! 

Additionally, the company officially released the official music video for "Yet to Come (Hyundai Ver. )," which will serve as the promotional song for its "Goal of the Century" campaign  last Friday, September 23, 2022. The Grammy-nominated group is part of Hyundai's global sustainability campaign, 'Goal of the Century'. 

“With our 'Goal of the Century' initiative, we are using the power of football to encourage everyone to come together to score one big goal - to create a united world for sustainability,” Hyundai said on their website.

After receiving consecutive nominations for the prestigious Grammy awards for their top-charting singles Dynamite and Butter, BTS has gained attention on a global scale. Fans were obviously ecstatic that the boy band was a part of the FIFA World Cup promotion.

The ‘Yet To Come’ Hyundai version is so perfect that they added english lyrics to the song so that everyone can understand it well aside from that they BTS member didn’t remove their Korean lyrics also that made the song more flexible and unique. BTS members look good in their outfits on the music video of the Hyundai version especially when they wore the FIFA World Cup jersey shirt that made everyone feel goosebumps. Here are BTS outfits on the said video for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022. 


RM’s Look

Serving us a manly looking and ideal boyfriend material look, BTS RM stands out on their ‘Yet To Come’ Hyundai version with his simple yet ideal look. He’s wearing a white plain T-shirt topped with his red jacket together with his denim pants. RM show off his great rapping kills and vocals as he shines while performing the new version of the song for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022.


Jin’s Look

And the world wide handsome proved us again that he really deserves the title as he show of how charismatic he is with his simple and lively look, BTS Jin is wearing a plain white T-shirt topped with his enchanting purple jacket together with his denim pants and yellow shoes.


Suga’s Look

BTS Suga never failed us with his rapping skills as he perfectly delivered his rap for the newest version of the song, aside from that he really looked natural and calm with his outfit. He’s wearing a black smiley hoodie jacket that is really captivating because of its style. It may be a simple outfit for Suga but he really slays with this outfit, the more natural and simple look he is the more he looks handsome. 



J-hope’s Look

Like J-hope’s jolly and fun personality, his outfit really catched my attention. He’s wearing a multi color pastel wool jacket that made him look cute and energetic. J-hope never failed us with his outfit. He’s really a fashion icon with a great fashion sense.


Jimin’s Look

The fairy looking BTS member Park Jimin is wearing a simple green wool jacket while performing the song. The look he has is perfect for your everyday outfit and will surely give you a comfortable feeling while wearing it.


V’s Look

BTS member Kim Taehyung is a total dreamboat with his simple printed polo outfit with his white T-shirt. V is definitely very attractive when he wears any kind of clothes, but at the same time he really slays on every single simple clothes he wears. 


Jungkook’s Look

Serving us his best visuals, Jungkook is wearing a simple black denim jacket white polo that made him look mature and good looking. With this kind of outfit, BTS member Jungkook is giving us his swag fashion sense. 




Lastly their customized “Goal of the Century” jerseys that is given to all BTS Member as part of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 Event that will be happen in Qatar!

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