All Of Enhypen's  Outfits In 'Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)' Official MV & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Of Enhypen's Outfits In 'Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)' Official MV & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

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One of the biggest and most successful K-pop boy groups in South Korea, The group is known for their hit tracks “FEVER,” “Drunk-Dazed,” “Polaroid Love,” “Blessed-Cursed,” and “Given-Taken.” ENHYPEN made their comeback on Monday, July 4, with the release of the music video for “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC),” the title track from their third mini-album Manifesto: Day 1. ENHYPEN is known for having a great fashion sense. According to HYBE Entertainment, Future Perfect is inspired by the Chicago Drill movement in rap music. The music style is so great, the ENHYPEN sound – with its hyper-processed, mushy-mouthed vocals. ENHYPEN Niki’s rap part is so intense and cool and the group choreography is totally perfect! Even their outfits are outstanding and literally catched my attention as they performed on their music video. Their outfits are totally ideal and iconic as they show off their outfits with their outstanding visuals. 

To have an idea and inspiration about their ‘Future Perfect (Pass the Mic) music video here are Enhypen’s outfits that will surely fit your fashion style.



Jungwoon’s Look

Jungwoon slays on his Future perfect performance on the music video with his perfect outfit. He’s wearing Louis Vuitton's graffiti T-shirt, a black belt by MARTINE ROSE, and Balenciaga's track sneakers makeup Jungwon's first ensemble.



Heeseung’s Look

Heesung made our hearts stop for a second with his outstanding visuals. His beauty is on another level! He’s wearing a logo-buckle leather belt from Balenciaga with a canal street ruff neck tee from Willy Chavarria to create this incredibly fashionable ensemble.



Jay’s Look

Jay never failed to impress us with his manly looking vibe. His charisma is giving us butterflies and he’s definitely a catch in every single way. Jay is wearing an Off-White pair of small arrow stud earrings and a black T-shirt with an embossed chain from GIVENCHY.


Sunghoon’s Look

Sunghoon serves us his hotness and incredible talent as he shows off his black vest from Givenchy. Sunghoon slays and makes everyone fall for him as he uses his charm on their music video.


Jake’s Look

Jake, meanwhile, stood out in a VETEMENTS jersey T-shirt with a large logo design. To go with his colorful slacks, he also selected the Air Jordan 1 retro high "Electro Orange" sneakers for footwear. He’s really everyone’s bias wrecker! 


Ni-Ki’s Look

Ni-Ki looks good and a total dreamboat with a chic black Palace Zomby Avirex jacket and a pair of two-tone runner sneakers from Balenciaga. His looks and everything is perfect and definitely will make you go crazy for him as you watch him perform.

Sunoo’s Look

Lastly, we always save the last spot for the most beautiful face of the group. Our sassy looking Sunoo is wearing a black and orange varsity jacket. Sunoo looks so pretty and enchanting in his Future Perfect look. 

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