All of  NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 Outfits In 'Candy' MV & Fashion Breakdown

All of NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 Outfits In 'Candy' MV & Fashion Breakdown

A sweet and lovely voices as candy, NCT Dream makes a sweet comeback with their song "Candy": A perfect combination of soft music video and lovely outfits



On December 16, 2022, NCT Dream has finally dropped their most awaiting Christmas song "Candy". The music video gives a soft and colorful impact that really makes it look so good. The music video is so perfect and even their song.

But let us appreciate their fashion outfits in this music video. As NCT Dream gives us a lovely song and fashion outfit that inspires us to wear this kind of look too. As the members shares and brings colorful and joyful music video together with their amazing outfits, let us now know how to dress up like them and what outfits did they have in their music video.


NCT Dream "Candy" MV Outfits


Haechan’s Look #1

In his first outfit, Haechan slays his look right away, sporting a  Louis Vuitton multi-patches mixed leather varsity blouson and matching LV trainer 2 sneakers. With this outfit aechan show off her amazing talent and also his never ending lovely visuals.

LV Trainer 2 Sneaker

Haechan’s Look #2

For his second look, Haechan looks so cool with his outfit. His black and white outfit really suits him well. This black vegan leather varsity jacket from Umamiism makes him look super fly.

[UMAMIISM : 우마미즘] U logo neck band detail Vegan leather varsity Jacket Black
Vegan Leather Varsity Jacket

Haechan’s Look #3

In his third outfit Haechan switches to a sweet look and looks quite soft in a blue House Of Sunny knit sweater. This outfit is perfect for Christmas season or winter season. 

Oversized Knit V-neck Sweater

Mark’s Look #1

Mark looks youthful in a monogram gradient T-shirt from Louis Vuitton layered beneath a puffer vest from Leje. He completes the look with LV trainer 2 sneakers and a  Botter faux-fur baseball cap.

Bbrioche’ Puffer Vest

Monogram Gradient T-shirt

Faux-fur Baseball Cap

Lv Trainer 2 Sneaker

Mark’s Look #2

This logo-print short-sleeve black T-shirt from 032c is perfect for a chill, cool look like NCT Dream Mark. This perfect shirt looks so cool and perfect for any occasion you have.


Logo-print Short-sleeve T-shirt

Mark’s Look #3

For his third outfit, Mark effortlessly sways our heart with this logo-patch bomber jacket from Barrow in his next look. She really look hot and perfect in this outfit.


Logo-patch Bomber Jacket

Jeno’s Look #1

In Jeno's first look, all eyes are on her Swarovski crystal short necklace and these Air Jordan 1 KO 'Storm Blue' sneakers.


Orbita Short Necklace
Jordan Air Jordan 1 KO "Storm Blue" sneakers
Air Jordan 1 KO



Jeno’s Look #2

 He wears a puffer vest from Leje over an adidas Parley organic-cotton hoodie in his next look, which is all about the black and white cool vibe.


‘Brioche’ Puffer Vest
Parley Organic-cotton Hoodie

Jaemin’s Look #1

Jaemin looks so cute and stylish in a Takeasy buffing leather varsity jacket.

Buffing Leather Varsity Jacket

Jisung’s Look #1

Jisung looks festive in a Louis Vuitton  Nigo Jacquard Damier fleece blouson, which he pairs with a Charles Jeffrey Loverboy chunky ears ribbed-knit beanie.


Louis Vuitton x Nigo Jacquard Damier Fleece Blouson Garnet Red


Jisung’s Look #2

For his second outfit, he goes for a classic, casual style in a Balenciaga X adidas trefoil-logo cotton hoodie. It looks so casual and simple as the same time.


Trefoil-logo Cotton Hoodie

Chenle’s Look 

Chenle wore an ivory front pocket point padded vest from RDVZ over a black tribal long sleeves T-shirt from Ajobyajo, which she accessorized with an off-white embroidered beret from  Marine Serre.


Front Pocket Padded Vest
아조바이아조(AJOBYAJO) Tribal AJO Long Sleeves T-Shirt [BLACK]
Tribal AJO Long Sleeves T-Shirt

Renjun’s Look

Renjun exudes excitement and energy in this look, which features a  We11done logo-patch knitted vest.


Image 1 of We11done logo-patch knitted vest

Logo-patch Knitted Vest
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