Top 10 Blackpink Lisa’s Best Of The Best Outfit On Her Instagram Posts

Top 10 Blackpink Lisa’s Best Of The Best Outfit On Her Instagram Posts





Lalisa Manobal is the most followed Blackpink member on Instagram with over 80.4 million followers. Lisa is known for her incredible visuals and fashion styles. She is Celin’s first official ambassadress. Aside from that she’s also the ambassadress of Chivas, MAC Cosmetics, Bulgari, and the face of the famous luxury fashion brand, Prada. The youngest member shows that her beauty is exceptional for everyone to get those luxury fashion brands hooked for her. We can’t deny that everyone wants to have Lisa’s fashion look so here are the “Top 10 Blackpink Lisa’s Best of The Best Outfit”.



1. Swag and Sexy Look

On her Instagram post Lisa shows off her hotness with her collarbone and her swag yet sexy look on her photoshoot project. A perfect out for a perfect swag person right? Lisa is wearing black triangle bralette, black athletic pants with a pair of white sneakers. The triangle jacket-coat and a baseball cap added swagness to the outfit. This is an ideal outfit for going to some exciting events like concerts. If you want to catch everyone’s attention with your style, this outfit is for you!



2. Fancy Look Lisa

Lisa on her black hair literally hooked our attention but let’s talk about her fancy looking outfit that literally made us crazy for her. Lisa is wearing a black laced mini dress with a silver shimmering corset. This kind of fancy looking outfit is good for attending elegant parties and events. It will really make you the star of the night especially when you add laced gloves on your hand. Everyone will definitely go after you. Everything is perfect right? Slay like Lisa on this kind of outfit.


3. Chic School Girl Look

Remember when everyone went crazy when Lisa posted on her Instagram account with this outfit? She’s a total bombshell. Wearing a white polo, black vest for her top. While a dark gray tennis skirt for her bottom and partnered with black high shocks and black shiny platform heels. The black coat finished the perfect style. This look is inspired by a Japanese outfit and cost playing.


4. Glamour-puss Look

With her sexy look and addictive visuals, Lisa posted her photo on her Instagram account after she released her lili film dance that went viral because of her excellent dancing skills and style. A jaw dropping simple outfit completely stops the show. She’s wearing a white long sleeve crop top with her high waisted black shorts partnered with her shiny black tight boots.



5. Dreamboat Look

On her 25th birthday, Lisa posted her cute and elegant powder blue outfit. Her puffy crop top dress makes her dreamboat look. This kind of crop top dress is so unique because of it’s bubbly design, a bunch of puffy hand made flowers with her black and black and gold stiletto. Her glamorous dress fits for her birthday celebration theme.


6. Monochromatic Look

We can’t deny that Lisa really stunned out on her black outfits. On her Instagram post when she’s in Paris while having a fashion week schedule she showed her monochromatic outfit for her OOTD. Her shimmering black sleeveless, backless, turtleneck top and highwaist linen shorts with her black belt partnered with black sling bag and black pointed high heel boots. If you are obsessed with wearing a monochromatic outfit or if you love wearing black outfit. This look is for you!


7. Boyish Look

Lisa, in her boyish-swag style, never failed us to impress. Showing off her long legs by wearing high waist denim pants with white shirt and oversized black varsity jacket partnered with sunglasses, off white handbag and white sneakers. By this simple boyish outfit Liza proves to us that wearing simple clothes can make us more fashionable.


8. Candy Look

Everyone loves to look sweet in their outfit and the only thing to look sweet is by wearing light and soft colors of clothes. On Lisa’s Instagram post while having a cotton candy she’s wearing a light color outfit that matches the mood. Wearing a colorful printed oversized baggy shirt along with black trousers, matched with her black sling bag and white sneakers, Lisa really gives us a summer candy vibe.



9. Cool Gray Look

Lisa shared her photos of her Outfit on “LALISA'' MV on her Instagram account . Her look really gives us a cool gray look. This style is really an ideal style when you want to wear something simple and nice but fashionable and elegant looking. Lisa is wearing an oversized gray hoodie jacket and gray fitted short with a high sock and her silver high heels and the most important is her knitted hat that completes her amazing fashion outfit.


10. Simple Yet Elegant Look

Everyone loves to look elegant but they want to wear simple clothes, well Lisa can prove that you can be elegant with your simple outfit. On her Instagram post Lisa shared her outfit of the day when she’s in Paris. Lisa is wearing a black spaghetti striped top and jeans pairing it with white platform sneakers. Well her outfit is in complete with her shiny, shimmering gold blazer. This kind of outfit is perfect for everyone who loves being simple yet classy.


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