Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Rosé "Roseanne Park" from BLACKPINK

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Rosé "Roseanne Park" from BLACKPINK

The Auckland born singer and main vocalist of the group keeps her cool girl look and one look at her fashion style reveals it all

By: Julianne Babaran 

Presumably the most private member of the group, the star unlike her bandmates, rarely post on the 'gram. Her looks as of late comprise mainly of those for official events for famous fashion houses. Namely Tiffany and Co., or Yves Saint Laurent and other photoshoots in between for magazines and fashion brand deals. The main vocalist puts her music front and center but her style and looks leave her fans and audience equally interested. With a slender figure and talented gifts, it's no wonder how she leaves fans wanting more. 

A quick glance on her Instagram will show you she loves the darker and more neutral color palette, or as it's more commonly known the "dark academia" color palette. The star is known to wear familiar styles and colors already, like her little black dresses she wore for the Met Gala, Paris Fashion Week, and Yves Saint Laurent. Her dark color palette and casual style on off days is more relatable than you may think. We'll breakdown the common styles and clothing items she wears so you can emulate her in your own way. Cop the beige zig zag top she's wearing in the header. 

There's fairly a lot to uncover so hang tight! 

Tops : Knit Crop Tops 

Beige Ribbed Crop Top 

Whether it's the weather of not, she styles knit crop tops pretty often. The fabric and rib detail gives a more chic look compared to other fabrics. Showing off the midriff as well compliments her small waist. 

Black and Pink Argyle Crop Vest  

There many different kinds of knit or ribbed fabric, this argyle style is classic and having it in bold colors is a different take to the traditional way of styling. She balances the look with a wide leg pants to again accentuate her legs. 

Basic White Knit Vest 

Trust us when we say cropped vests are here to stay. Having it in colors you wear often can really make it go the distance. Quality ones as well will never look outdated. In addition, the vest style provides enough warm without being too warm or hot, adding a blazer and inner shirt is also so much easier than styling a blouse. 

Bottoms : High waist pants

Basic High Waisted Light Wash Wide Leg Pants 

You've seen them everywhere, but they are just a classic. Getting good quality plain ones such as the one Rosé is wearing can match anything and everything. Aside from being more flattering and more forgiving, high waist jeans elongate the legs and give a more elegant feel.  

Get the perfect pair for you, right from our store, these wide leg light wash jeans will come in handy more often than you may think.  

Basic Black Straight Leg Slacks  

If you're not too keen on denim, lighter fabric ones work just as well. Black ones do a particularly good job in making them look smart or more formal, styling it with other casual pieces will dress them down, Exhibit A below. 

Ruffled Multicolor Checkered Mini Skirt  

Was there ever a day Rosé wasn't sporting a high waisted skirt? This muted checkered skirt with frill goes perfectly with anything. Here she wore it with a graphic tee layered under a silk blouse, but it would match easier with plain tops. Getting ones with different textures and patterns give a girly-er feel with more aesthetics. 

In any case you'd like to get a copy of this, we got your back. Find it here. 

Dresses : Midi and Mini 

Green Midi Dress with Mermaid Detail

LBDs are too easy and is a no brainer to mention. But just like Lisa, Rosé loves midi dresses. Wearing a midi dress is so liberating especially as an adult. Here she wore it out and about looking like a musical goddess in modern times. You won't have to worry about over eating because flowy dresses take care of that. Here's our best pick for this dress, in case you're interested. 

White Midi Floral Dress 

This style of dress on her is literally everything. You don't need an occasion to wear a midi dress, this white bustier style with small florals is the perfect mix of elegant and casual, because either way it's still chic. 

This would look perfect for any one who wants to turn heads in that classic and chic way. Get yours now, if any case you'd like to try it out. 

Apple Green Tube Mini Dress 

In a refreshing site, the singer likes wearing colored mini dresses. This look makes us so happy seeing her frolicking about. She likes clean cut styles if you haven't noticed with a clean looking silhouette. Don't be scared to bear it all out especially when attending such occasions. Everything is easy to find, but those Jimmy Choo shoes are worth a second look. Check out our best find for this look. 

Jackets : Blazers

Black Blazer with a Structured Shoulder

Going for the opulent but casual look, black oversized blazers are great for layering. The ones she wears are more structured but a layered back one without such a structured shoulder will be just fine. 

Brown Oversized Blazer 

Opting for a browner color to match you bottoms or to coordinate it with the colors of your outfit makes the look for put together and cohesive. This combo from The Row has a duo color with a burgundy and brown effect. 

Neutral Colored Pullovers 

If you think blazer jackets don't suit your lifestyle, pullovers a great contrast. It's different from a sweater and jumper but with a collar it still looks good. Go for ones with a simple and refined feel, in case you'll need to layer. 

Hats : Beanies 

Basic Black Beanies 

Uniform for almost all the members, they love beanies. Of course Rosé rocks the more casual one while decked out Adidas. We listed this look for her top ten outfits this year you might want to read here.

Basic Neutral Beanie to Match 

Beanies are too easy, try matching them with your sweater instead. The identical colors exude a sense of opulence and rich girl. Buying them separately is not a problem, try this trick next time you're going for a monochromatic look. Likewise peppering in a boujee Tiffany and Co. and Saint Laurent accessories never hurt.

Furry Cat Beanie

If you already got your beanie game down, maybe you need to loosen up and try something new. Rosé wore this cat beanie for a photoshoot and it would be criminal to not share it with you.

Complete your OT4 research and check out Lisa's style guide, or Jennie's or Jisoo's if you're into that sort of thing. However if you need to more Rosé wardrobe guide, shop her closet curated from our store. 

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